my definition of a photo shoot: making space for fun

Natural Newborn and Family Photographer in new york city and westchester ny

You want photos without the "cheese." No scripts, no poses - it's your time for absolute FUN with your family. Dance in the living room, chase balloons, jump on the couch, or run wild outside - let the joy flow naturally! 

You have limited time despite people telling you have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé. Relax and let me handle the photo planning and details. As a fellow mom, I get it -weekend time is gold, let's make it worth it.

You want to create memories more than anything. When we look back at a photograph, we don't just see an image; we reconnect with the feelings and time of that particular moment - that ugly old couch from your first apartment, the yellow walls in the nursery etc, all waiting for you to revisit. 

Throw out any expectation of what your photos should look like and you will have the only thing that matters: the love between you and your family. This is not about waiting to lose the last 10 pounds, or finding the perfect outfit, or curating the most "Instagram" worthy house. This is about the cosmic, soul-wrapping, engulfing love that just swells up in you when you see your family.

Because you deserve it.

What to do?

I'm ready, let's do this!

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I am not the kind of person to hold on to a lot of things but I am a little obsessed with Newborn and Family photography.  Photos provide a way to be sentimental without all the "stuff" wouldn't you agree? 

It's kind of like tucking away a memory of something that just happened for your future self to rediscover - all the boops on the nose, the closed-eyes, open-mouth smiles are waiting for you.