Art: “Where no words exist”

Art can permeate the deepest part of us, where no words exist.

Eileen Miller

My heart is heavy. Do you feel this way, too?

There are so many thoughts in my mind right now. I’m really not sure if you want to hear from your photographer on this matter, but is there any value in silence these days? My work here is to serve you, and I realize I have barely done enough.

As a first generation Asian American, I’ve realized that there was a narrative I was taught growing up, and that I’ve readily leaned into and contributed to it. It has been a brutal wake up call for me witnessing the events and truths of systemic racism and police violence unfold the past couple of weeks.

Heavy, yes. But also very angry.

I have been listening, learning and reflecting, and I know I am entirely, and wholly a different person than when this month even began. I’m ready. Ready to commit to a new, better world.

I am committed to owning my mistakes and correcting them. Professionally, I am reviewing my portfolio and making sure it is reflective of diversity and inclusion. I am committed to taking anti-bias training courses, using diverse vendors, not participating in photography communities that do not provide a safe and inclusive environment and learning from powerful voices in the Black community. 

Personally, I am learning how to identify explicit and implicit bias within my home, neighborhood and community to be able to raise my children to be anti-racist. I am embarrassed that I hadn’t brought up this sooner with my kids. After talking to them these past couple weeks I realized they understand more than I give them credit for.

I realize as a creative soul that art is healing. Art is reflective. Art is movement. Art is what I can do now to give back. Last week, I offered donation-based “front porch” sessions with all proceeds going to Project Avary, a Bay Area nonprofit that supports and mentors youth with a family member in prison. I was able to raise $1,800 all thanks to you. I would like to continue this throughout the rest of 2020. If anyone is interested in “front porch” sessions, message me! I will donate all proceeds to Color of Change, an organization committed to ending racial injustice.