Best Newborn Gifts for the Family Who Has Everything

Baby announcements are very exciting – just picturing a fresh little babe entering the world sets off the warm fuzzies! Naturally, you can’t wait to shower this newborn with gifts. But how do you pick the perfect one? New parents tend to get the full gamut of gear, swaddles, bottles and novelty items from excited family and friends, and current parents already have everything they need for a new baby. In this post, I’m sharing my top six ideas for unique newborn gifts that are sure to spark joy for the family who has everything!

NYC newborn photo session where mom and dad are looking at each other smiling with their newborn and toddler.

1. Something Personalized With the Baby’s Name. If you know the baby’s name (and don’t let tradition fool you – delivering gifts after the baby has been born is completely appropriate!), then a personalized item like a blanket, step stool, piggy bank, puzzle or book can make for a truly unique gift. I still have our custom-made baby quilt from my first born! We used it for a lot of outings, and five years later she still reaches for it during pretend play. She knows it’s special because it has her name on it, and I’m excited to save it for when she gets older. Etsy is a wonderful place to search for personalized gifts, and also supports local makers.

2. A Subscription Box. Subscription boxes have grown in popularity over the past few years, and it’s easy to understand why: they’re customizable, convenient and available for a wide range of budgets. For the early newborn days, a subscription box that includes wipes, diapers and other quick-use baby products can be a life-saver for sleepy parents. I also love the idea of a snack or self-care box dedicated to the new mama – she needs her energy and deserves the pampering. I’ve recently discovered Lovevery, a subscription box that includes developmentally appropriate and beautifully-made products for growing children, which I think would make an amazing gift for a family who seemingly has everything.

NYC newborn photography with mom and baby.

3. Jewelry. Don’t forget about gifts for mom! A personalized jewelry piece to commemorate this time in a new mom’s life is a thoughtful gesture – and one that she’s unlikely to open at her baby shower. Depending on her taste, a tasteful initial necklace or bracelet can make a beautiful gift, or a charm bracelet with a special charm can serve as a versatile option. Go overboard with the wrapping to make her feel celebrated!

4. Meals (or Alcohol!). After nine months of avoiding certain foods and passing on the chardonnay, most women look forward to getting back to eating and drinking as they please. Have a nice meal delivered from her favorite local restaurant, and be sure to splurge on the champagne! A meal train, meal kit subscription box or even large snack box can also be a major help for a busy family who is adapting to life with a newborn. Keep in mind that they are a unit, and gifts that help the entire family will be appreciated just as much as a gift that’s specifically for the new baby.

5. Gifts for Siblings. Let’s face it – new babies tend to get a lot of presents! Depending on how well you know the family, feel free to skip the newborn and shop for the older sibling(s). More than likely, the other children are about to have their world rocked by the arrival of a new sibling, and it can be a scary and confusing time. A sweet gift for older siblings can be a nice way to make them feel included. Can you spare some extra time? Offer to take one of the older kids out for a special treat, like a trip to the movies, a day at the beach or even just for a nice drive – whatever you do, just be sure to include ice cream!

NYC newborn photography with a family on the couch staring at their newborn.

6. The Gift of Photos. I may be a tad biased, but I saved the best for last! The gift of photos is an often overlooked choice, and yet it’s such a perfect gift. The family can use it whenever and wherever they choose, it takes the pressure off of them needing to find a photographer, and they’ll be left with a permanent keepsake of this precious time. To be honest, there are very few physical things that I held onto from my babies’ time as babies. I saved the going-home outfit from the hospital (that all three of my kiddos wore!), a baby quilt and that’s pretty much it. But I had newborn photos done for each of them, and that’s what I always come back to. I look at them often, and they always make me smile. Those photos will be here longer than all of the clothes and toys that they’ll outgrow.

Big sister giving baby sister a kiss.

Give the family who has everything something truly special as they welcome a new baby into their lives. Personalized, thoughtful and unique gifts for the entire family will be appreciated in the moment, and treasured for a lifetime. For more inspiration, or to purchase a photography session as a gift, reach out today!