Top New York City Locations for a Winter Outdoor Photo Session

If you thought that family photo sessions were best reserved for only warm weather, you’d be missing out on the magic that can happen during the winter season! The sun sits lower in the sky during this time of year, resulting in more of a “golden day” rather than the shorter “golden hour” window, plus with the strength of the sun toned down we see fewer harsh shadows and virtually no squinty faces. Add in a gorgeous blanket of fresh snow and some cozy outfits, and you have all of the ingredients for a unique and memorable photo session!

Today on the blog, I’m sharing some of my favorite locations for outdoor winter photo sessions in beautiful New York City! I’m thinking a little outside of the box with locations that are accessible, offer plenty of versatility (you know, because kids and snow/cold can be a tad unpredictable!) and are sure to deliver something truly special in the winter months.

Family of five walking down a path in Fort Tryon Washington Park New York City

Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park is beautiful and underrated in my opinion. Sitting atop a ridge in Upper Manhattan, it overlooks the Hudson River and offers plenty of space for keeping distance from others. It’s also on the subway line and has nearby parking options, which is helpful for accessibility. One of my favorite features of this park is that it has evergreen trees – I can’t think of anything more magical in the winter for a photo session than snow-covered evergreens! With views of the George Washington Bridge, wonderful stone arches and picturesque lampposts (just imagine capturing falling snowflakes in the light as you stand beneath them!), the possibilities are endless for creating a winter wonderland vibe without even leaving Manhattan.

Bethesda Terrace

Bethesda Terrace is iconic New York City (Gossip Girl, anyone?!) and located within Central Park, providing plenty of additional space to branch out during the shoot. I love that it’s a covered space, making it practical for taking beautiful photos in rainy or snowy weather. The artwork and arches offer interesting backdrops, and there is usually a musician playing which helps build atmosphere for a fun and energetic session. There is nothing quite like capturing candid photos of families playing and dancing at Bethesda Terrace!

East River Park

This strip of green space is located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and features a gorgeous promenade along the city’s shoreline. Depending on where we are in the park, we can use the Williamsburg Bridge (and even the Manhattan or Brooklyn Bridge!), sweeping city skylines or gorgeous park space as backdrops. In the winter, the sun hangs particularly low as it goes down in the west (known as a ‘red winter sunset’), lighting up the skyline across the river in a way that can only be captured during the winter months. The contrast of sun, city and smiling faces makes East River Park one of my favorite NYC locations for outdoor winter photo sessions!

Warm Up to the Idea of Winter Photo Sessions!

I love the simplicity, coziness and warmth (figuratively, of course!) that comes from winter photo sessions with families, couples and friends. Not only do they make for beautiful memories, but they make for unique and beautiful photos, too. If you’d like to book an outdoor winter photo session, please don’t hesitate to contact me! We can discuss one of the NYC locations mentioned above, or find another gorgeous location where we’ll make winter magic happen!