Annual Family Photo Sessions Are a PRIORITY in 2022: 3 Reasons Why!

Why should I take annual photos this year?

Being a parent is a non-stop job. Beautiful moments, trying times and everything in between. And as much as we tell ourselves we won’t forget each stage our children pass-through, we can’t remember every detail as our children grow and change. The small details that mean everything in that moment gets buried with other “firsts” and forgotten.

New York City Family Photography

The way your little one smiles through their teeth. The sweet sight of them wrapping their tiny hand around your pinky finger. Or that goofy grin they get when they know you’re just about to tickle them.

These are the moments that make your heart flutter as a parent, and there are so many throughout the years. But as we know, those stages will come and go and be replaced with new stages. How amazing would it be for you to freeze those in time, and to have a framed photo of that special moment, expression, or feeling on your walls or in photos albums to enjoy for years to come.

Taking photos yourself is one way to document your family life, but you’re left sitting out. Selfies are better than nothing – but they usually aren’t frame worthy.

Take this from a pro, when the subjects are too close to the camera lens it can actually distort the size and proportions of the subjects. So your/their heads may appear bigger, or facial features may seem spaced differently. This is why sometimes when you take a selfie you look different than you normally do, and you end up having to take a few rounds of pictures. Propping your phone up, setting the timer, and stepping back with the subject actually helps with this issue quite a bit, but is not as feasible and takes quite a bit more preparation than a simple selfie.

If you want to capture authentic moments in HIGH quality, rather than something that feels forced then you MUST hire a professional family photographer. You want to remember you were there. You were present. You lived these moments first-hand. And most of all, you want to capture your true bond, interactions and connection between your family.

In 2020 and 2021 many families were separated from their extended family and relatives. Pictures are the perfect way to help everyone feel connected, even when geographically separated. We don’t know what 2022 holds, but I do know that documenting this year (and the next, and so on) is never going to be a regret for you.

3 reasons to hire a family photographer today:

  • Your kids are growing and changing every day. Whether it’s getting taller or picking up new (and funny!) facial expressions. They go from baby to toddler to little kid in a blink of an eye. Just like we video record their adorable pronunciations and giggles, we need to photograph their other growing quirks and traits too!
  • You get to be in the picture. You may have thousands of pictures of your children but how many of them are you in with them? You can guarantee “proof of mom” photos when you can slow down and document you being there too. It’s also a great opportunity to get everyone in the frame because one day this will be something to pass down to your kids. These photographs are going to mean MORE to them than you can ever imagine, because they too can relive these special moments when they are older.
  • You get the real life and not the “reel” life. There is no posing here. Hiring a family photographer who is experienced in finding and capturing the simple and little moments allows you to see the beauty of your life that you may have missed. These moments go unseen in the daily chaos of parenting. Their hands in yours. The kiss you plant on their forehead or the top of the head. The little smirk when they think you’re not looking.

Keep it stress free with these tips:

  •  In-home sessions (snuggled on the couch or in your bed) are a great way to keep this low stress. There is no bag to pack or rush to hurry in a car! Or pick your favorite local park, or even a cute lifestyle session on your front porch!
    •  Schedule it on the same day each year – pick your favorite season or holiday and go from there. You can book these dates in advance with photographers, and it’s actually highly recommended to do so. Some photographers will book a year or two out for you!
    •  Schedule an annual photo shoot – You can have a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day session, Holiday photos (make sure to dedicate time for each individual child too), “a day in the life” session, or a festive fall family photoshoot.

Are you ready to let another year pass by hoping someone will finally take that picture of you? No!

Greenwich Family Photo Shoot

Hire someone who can capture the tender moments that make this whole journey just as beautiful as you hope to remember it.

Have questions about booking a family session? Don’t know where to start? Contact me and let’s chat. I’d love to help you take that next step with your family. I am a New York Family Photographer who specializes in Family, Maternity and Newborn Photography. I capture all stages of parenthood and childhood in casual and relaxed lifestyle sessions, and help you document every beautiful stage your family enters.

For your convenience, I also offer bundled session packages that range from one to three sessions throughout the year too. At minimum, I recommend one annual photo session a year, but I highly recommend considering milestone sessions throughout the year as well. Let’s chat about options, ideas and get creative together because 2022 is your year to start living and let someone else do the capturing!