How to make your NYC Apartment the star of your Newborn Photoshoot

New York City living comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you live in a walk-up, duplex or a doorman building with floor to ceiling windows or dark rooms, don’t worry your dream for an at-home newborn session is absolutely possible!

As a photographer with over 4 years experience in photographing families, I’ve got an eye for evaluating where in your apartment will work best for lighting and capturing some gorgeous shots of your newborn and your family. At the beginning of each session, I will walk around your home with you to find the sweet spots for our session.Here are some things to note:

Dark space? Let me shine some light!

As a natural light photographer, dark spaces are not my friend, so we will follow the light. It means we can get creative together and design a space near a window. I have been known to scoot a few things around to make sure I can get you comfortable, feeling your best and paint you in dreamy, soft lighting. 

Father and newborn gaze each other in home photo shoot in NYC

Example: In this in-home session scheduled during the afternoon, there was not a ton of natural light in this apartment building. We stayed close to the window and I found flattering angles to highlight the connection between the dad and baby. I also had the whole family snuggle at the end of the couch where it was mostly bathed in natural light to capture this intimate moment.

Mother, father, and their two sons snuggling on the couch together

Windows are a viewpoint we don’t want to miss in your newborn session

Windows are a part of the story. Capturing a glimpse outside as the backdrop to your photos – we’re talking skyscrapers, historic buildings, bridges, or green space that might be part of your world – is so nice to include. Windows also create beautiful backlit images. It’s one of my favorite ways to capture your silhouette in a simple and elegant way. 

New parents holding newborn baby in front of the window at their apartment

Example: In this newborn session, I used the plants adorned in their Brooklyn apartment with the natural foliage from outside to frame a beautiful moment. I made sure the baby was facing the light so we could see his little face.

No nursery set up? Not a worry!

It is not always the case that you will have the nursery set up before the baby arrives. Not every household is prepped like a Pinterest Pin, with the nursery designed from head-to-toe. Not to fret! If there is no nursery or crib yet, we will enjoy our time in the living room right on the couch, where the family gathers or even in your bedroom where there’s room for everyone to cozy up. The best moments are when you can embrace the “hygge” session vibe with your family.

Newborn photoshoot of a family in their NYC bedroom

Example: For this New York City newborn session, there was no nursery set-up so for the majority of the session we alternated between their living room and bedroom. I made sure everyone was comfortable and having fun to get genuine smiles.

Nursery? Let’s dive in!

If there is a nursery, I love to get shots of your baby’s special space. All of your creativity, hard work, and your vision for the nursery have probably come together to create a space that speaks volumes about your love for your little one. Simple, or very picturesque! It doesn’t matter. This room represents your family and the bond you have to your new little one. The room will evolve so much as your baby grows that it is nice to remember each stage as well. I will make sure to capture all the little details and any sentimental objects. I like to also get the baby in the crib (even if they’re just relaxing or swaddled in their crib). It’s also sweet to remember how tiny your baby is in their crib, because boy do they grow fast!

New York City Newborn nursery with mother, father and newborn baby

Example: In this newborn session, I made sure to step back to highlight the beautiful nursery while mom, dad, and baby enjoyed a quiet moment. I loved making sure to include all the special details they had worked hard on preparing such as the framed print on the wall, the teddy bear in the crib that belonged to the dad, and the sweet bench that was custom made for the room.

Other Unique Things About Your Place

I love highlighting the unique features of your home. Your home is like another member of the family and there are things about it that make it special. For instance, I love getting little moments on the stairs. Sometimes these old staircases can have quite a bit of character. Other notable features can include brick walls, built-in nooks, an outdoor terrace, etc.

Mother and baby bonding in NYC Apartment

Example: In this newborn photoshoot in Brooklyn, we had just finished photographing the baby in mom and dad’s lofted room and we headed downstairs to the living room with an outfit change. I loved the shapes and lines of the loft stairs so I captured mom and baby on the way down.

Mother and newborn baby walking down their spiral staircase
Mother, father, newborn baby and dog posing in front of a glass door leading to their NYC terrace

Example: This couple’s favorite thing about their home is their outdoor terrace that they worked so hard on outfitting. It was a cold time of year so instead of going outside, I had them stand in front of the terrace to share a special moment. 

Alright, I hope you can now rest assured there are so many ways we can make your space (however sized) work for your photoshoot! Trust me! This is what I love about in home photography… getting even more creative and capturing the essence of your family and your home.

I adore discussing newborn photoshoot sessions. If you have some thoughts, ideas or questions…Contact me here. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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