Last Minute Father’s Day Gift That Keeps Giving

There’s one thing that immediately comes to mind that would be an amazing gift that keeps on giving. A gift that you could give to the person who has everything they already want or who is impossible to shop for. Can you guess what I’m going to say?

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Photos! Gift a Fatherhood Session with the kids.. Wait… fatherhood sessions? These are a thing? Yes they are!

You’ll learn why it’s the gift that keeps giving to everyone around you, but most importantly to the father of your children. This is a session and gift that everyone is going to enjoy! Hopefully by the end I will convince you why photos matter.

Photos For the Father

Time goes too quickly, and while working on home projects, cleaning after dinner, fixing your car, all things seem minuscule but when you have your little ones tagging along, or learning how to do what daddy does, it means the world to them to be there and to have it documented, even more so.

These are core memories that you will get to look back on for years, even when your kids are grown, off to college, married or starting their own families. You’ll see those interests you instilled in them young blooming into their adult life, and see them building those same memories with their children.

Seeing that come full circle, and getting to share with your grandchildren about the traditions you had when their mom/dad was a kid.

Photos For the Children

Your children will appreciate having memories to look back on in a couple years from now and even 10 or 20 years from now and beyond.

Imagine being able to capture a period in their life with their father forever. This is so impactful! And no one will ever regret having photos of their childhood, especially high quality professional photos that capture a special time in their life with someone they adore.

This could extend to uncles, grandfathers, god parents or any father figure really!

Photos for All

Photo Father's Day Gift Ideas in NYC and Westchester County NY

While many fathers off the bat wouldn’t understand why this is important, you get to show them the true value in documenting some of their favorite activities with their kids (whether you have daughters or sons.) We’re not talking about your traditional posed stiff photos… We’re talking about the fun stuff!

Running, climbing, being active and just letting loose! This is a FUN session for all.

It’s about enjoying yourselves, being in your natural element and being able to really just BE and not have to worry much about getting ready for a traditional photoshoot. 

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About 98% of my bookings come from females/mothers who follow me from social media or learned about me from a mom’s group. They are already in the know with what a lifestyle photo session entails and the real moments it focuses on.

Many males/fathers still associate photo sessions with uncomfortable clothing, awkward posing, and forced smiles. But it’s the total opposite! This is what I hear from my clients:

My kids and husband enjoyed the session, which for anyone with a husband or kids, you KNOW that this speaks volumes. – Katie

She is incredibly warm and relatable, and was able to put both my husband and me at ease. – Sarah

My husband is an amateur photographer and is very picky about photographers and loved Amy’s work. – Jennifer

This Father’s Day, give a certificate for a fatherhood session to your loved one! I am a lifestyle photographer specializing in babies, children and families serving families all over NYC and Westchester County NY. Reach out to me today to get started with a Fatherhood or Family Session or Certificate!