3 Favorite Father and Child Ideas for Authentic Photos

Why do father and child photos matter so much?

Father’s often are not the ones taking pictures and selfies of them snuggling with their little ones. The moments they spend bonding are often missed, unless you or someone else as a bystander happens to stealthily capture that moment before they move. Having professional pictures of father’s spending time bonding with their little ones (of all ages) are so special.

In honor of all of the Father’s and father figures this month, I am sharing my favorite father and child prompts to help feature and encourage bonding during your professional photo session with your family and create genuine moments. Trust me, these are going to melt you, in the best ways! Check them out below!

Pose 1: Give a Smoosh Kiss

I like to have fathers get real tight and close with their children and I’ll tell them to give a smoosh kiss without any other direction. I love it because it usually makes either Dad or their kids start giggling which brings out a lot of candid moments. It’s simple and also doesn’t need a long explanation or set up.

Pose 2: Run with them!

Kids are pretty wiggly people but let’s face it, so are adults! I have found the best way to have fun is to RUN! Or move! Or shake! It becomes a game almost and you forget the camera is there which is why I love this prompt. My only rule with this is that they have to always be holding hands. I still want to capture Dad’s connection to their children while running around.

Pose 3: Hold Them and Love on Them

This sounds super simple and it is. All I am looking for during a photo session is connection. To make it genuine and authentic, the simplest prompts will give Dad the chance to relax and be in the moment. Family life is so busy and demanding that it’s nice to give space and time to just be! Holding their children and loving them allows them to soak up their littleness and makes for sweet moments.

Father and son photo ideas

These moments are so incredibly joyous and special in everyday life, I am lucky to have captured them for these families to enjoy for years to come (and even for their little ones to look back on too). Plus, these photos can now be used for future sentimental father’s day gifts, grandparents gifts, or framed pictures for your family wall gallery, or displayed in your child’s nursery, bedroom, or playroom.

If you’ve been thinking about scheduling a session for you and your family soon, I hope these ideas will bring it to the next level! Bookmark this post, or save it on your Pinterest photo inspo board for your next session. I’m on Pinterest too!

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