4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Family Photo Session

Family photo sessions can be SO much fun, and sometimes they can feel like a lot of work. Let me help simplify it for you so you can enjoy yourself, get the most of your session and fall in love with the result (your gorgeous family portraits)! 


Let’s go!

I’ll be honest with you. A photo is not just a photo. 

Everyone is a photographer (hello smartphones!) but not everyone is a storyteller and that’s why hiring the RIGHT photographer matters. 

Does a Photographer’s Speciality REALLY Matter?

Yes it does!
For your most treasured moments, look for a FAMILY photographer, not someone who does wedding, branding or headshots, etc. You want to make sure your photographer specializes in exactly what you’re looking for and has experience working with families and children. Family, newborn and child photographers will have a unique skill set that sets them a part from other photographers. Besides the creativity and technical abilities that come along with being a photographer you want to know they are comfortable with children and babies. This requires a lot of patience, good people skills and most importantly, a passion for family photography.

Should I Check Out Their Work Beforehand?

When I look for a photographer for my family, I always make sure to check out their work whether through their website or their social media. 

This is important because it will show you their style, their personality and generally what you would be receiving if you work with them. Go with your gut! If you like the way you FEEL after seeing a photographer’s portfolio, that is a good sign.

Will Contacting Them Early On Help In the Planning Process?

Absolutely it will! 

This is your chance to ask all of your burning questions! After contacting the photographer, make sure you ask any questions you might have. Or let them know what you’re looking for. Be really specific about it. This is not the time to hold back! 

You can even present a mood board on Pinterest of what you like for your session so the photographer can have a better idea of what you’re thinking. Photographers are very visual people after all! 

Some questions to ask:

How do you handle kids who are not into photos? Or kids that are shy?

We are awkward at taking photos. What kind of guidance do you give?

Do you have location suggestions for us?

Will you help us with what to wear?

Is Communicating To The Photographer The Purpose Of Our Session Necessary?

More Than You Realize!
Letting the photographer know what you plan to use the photos for helps you get the photos you want. For example, this will be a birth announcement or this is going to be a gift for the grandparents. When a photographer knows your vision and goals, they can prioritize this during the session.

After booking your session, plan WITH your photographer. If they offer a list of suggested locations, provide your input so that this family photo session will be tailored to your family’s personality. 

For example, if your kids are young and like to run around, opt for a big park with a playground nearby. If your kids are shy, let your photographer know so they won’t offer you crowded locations. 

Provide as much information on your kids and family as possible so that the photographer can share from their experience and provide tips. 

If you are ready for your next family photo session, contact me today! I am a lifestyle photographer focused on natural, candid family moments. I work with families all over NYC and Westchester NY and I would love to meet you and show you some of my favorite photo location gems in our area.