The Essential List of Things to Bring to a Family Photo Session: Your family session survival kit

Outdoor photo sessions are one of my favorite ways to capture organic and candid pictures of the families that I work with. Because we get fresh air, and have such versatile elements around us (trees, greenery, sunshine, shade, water, graffiti, cobblestone streets, etc) it makes it more fun for the families that I photograph. They can create a memorable experience for their kids while getting it all documented.

I love outdoor family sessions since they are suitable for kids of all ages. If you have already done an at home session, an outdoor session is a great way to commemorate more of your family’s favorite activities. You can choose a location that you like to frequent and that is special for your family or choose a brand new place and go on an adventure! After years of photographing families indoors and outdoors I’ve compiled an essential list of things for families to bring to their session to help it be comfortable, stress free, and to create the best images for their sessions.

Essential List For Outdoor Photo Sessions

– Hand or Baby Wipes
Wipe are always handy – it’s great for wiping off any dirt on hands and feet if we get messy or cleaning up anything else that’s needed.

– Snacks
A couple of options, but nothing that will drip/stain/or leave your little ones overly sticky (unless it’s for AFTER the session as a pick-me-up or a treat!

– Water or any beverage or drink
However, hydrating liquids are best and are crucial for everyone.

– An extra change of clothes
Someone could trip and get their outfit dirty, spill on their outfit, split their pants (hopefully not!)

– Flats/sneakers
If we are going to be doing some walking, usually we are, and it never hurts to have some comfortable options.

– Sunscreen or bug spray
Just in case you will be exposed to either. No one wants to be in pain during/after the session. You, your partner and your children should be comfortable and having fun so that it shines through to your photos.

– A drawstring backpack or a small backpack
So that you can pull it on and head out on the way (this is to carry all of the essentials above without having to lug around an uncomfortable purse or tote bag that you’re going to have to keep repositioning, or have to keep track of essential items everyone is carrying individually).

As a special treat, here’s a picture you can screenshot or save with all of these items in a checklist format for you!

If you are ready for your next family photo session, contact me today! I am a lifestyle photographer focused on natural, candid family moments. I work with families all over NYC and Westchester NY and I would love to meet you and show you some of my favorite outdoor photo spots in our area. Follow me on Instagram for more of my family life!