What To Wear: Favorite Places to Buy Clothing for Photo Sessions

I always advise clients to shop their closets first. It is way more economical to start there before buying anything new for your session. And, then if you do need to get a few pieces for you or your family you’ll know what you already have and how it will match with and coordinate with pieces you already have in your closet.

So you’ve checked out your closet and your wardrobe, and you’re ready to pick up some new options. Well you’re in luck! These are my favorite places to shop for clothing for family, newborn, and maternity sessions.

For your children and pre-teens:

The award goes to……

TargetCat & Jack line of clothing (like we need any more reason to love shopping at Target! But hey, we will take it!)

Why does Cat & Jack at Target get my stamp of approval?

– It is so versatile and can be dressed up or down

– Great variety

– They have a lot of neutral options and fun coordinating prints

– Affordable prices

– Can easily find matching stuff for all your children

Three other favorites that I think you’d like as well:


They have an eco-friendly line which I love because sustainability is important to me! The colors are very earthy and muted and can look great in any outdoor setting. 

Zara Kids/Baby

Zara makes such modern, fun clothes for your little ones! I would choose Zara if you gravitate towards trendy, cool, contemporary styles. 


Maisonette is my go-to for when you want to have dressier options (good to also wear on special occasions) or when you want to find more niche, unique brands like Rylee & Cru and Lola + The Boys. They also have matching mommy and me and daddy and me outfit suggestions!

For you, the parents and adults:

The award for Women/Mothers goes to:


Nordstrom’s offers something for everybody! I love that they have their own Nordstrom Brand clothing lines at affordable prices – Open Edit, Calson, BP, Leith, and Chelsea28 to name a few. There is a wide variety of styles to suit anyone and the best part of Nordstrom is that they offer free styling! Perfect for a busy mom and her upcoming family photo session. 

Three other favorites that I think you’d like as well:

Baltic Born

They offer beautiful dresses and inclusive sizing. A lot of their dresses can also double as a maternity dress so you can wear it at all stages of motherhood!


For casual, modern outfits, I like Madewell for their options if you are going for a laid back vibe for your photo session but still want to feel put together.

Rent The Runway

This is a little sneaky but sometimes for a photo session, you want to wear something you don’t currently have and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you’ll only wear once! I love rental programs like Rent The Runway for this very reason!

The award for Men/Dads goes to:

I’m going to have to cheat here and also choose Nordstrom!! It’s a large department store with a lot of variety. The free styling option is also a huge plus especially if you’re somebody that doesn’t shop often.

Three other favorites that I think you’d like as well:


They offer basic and neutral tops in organic fabrics like linen. If you lean towards a classic, clean and modern aesthetic you cannot go wrong choosing something from the Gap!


Faherty provides laid-back casual clothing with durability! Great clothing options if you think you’ll be moving around a lot during your session (think chasing your toddler around) and want super soft and comfortable clothes.


For something a little more put together, I like the options at Bonobos. They offer neutral and print options that would suit all your interests!

For sustainable options, I love shopping for secondhand clothing from The RealReal, Poshmark and ThredUp. It definitely helps to know your sizing within each brand and when searching for something, the more specific you can be, the better your chances are for finding it! (For example, kids’ white sweater size 5t or Free People Yellow Dress size 6). I would use these options if you kind of already know what you’re looking for and allow yourself at least 3-4 weeks before your photo session date to accommodate shipping times!

Now that I’ve shared my top winners for where to shop when your closet just isn’t cutting it. I’d love to hear from you! For other clothing/styling advice, read my 5 Pro Styling Tips for Your Next Family Photoshoot. Follow me on Instagram and let me know if you have tried out these suggestions! See you there! Ready to book a session? I’m based in New York City and Westchester County, and I work with families, newborns, and soon to be moms for photo sessions that freeze these moments forever. I offer a variety of ways we can work together, learn more here!