3 Moments Every Lifestyle Family Photo Session Should Include

Family photos can be stressful but they can also be fun. Lifestyle family photos are about documenting and highlighting what makes your family unique in an artful way. To get the most out of your family photo session make sure you are considering the following:

1. Morning routines – Sometimes it helps to not jump right into the photo session but rather ease into it with something familiar like a morning routine, such as snack time, or story/music time. For kids who need some time to warm up, this is a great idea and can relax them for a fun photo session.

2. Favorite games – To get natural, candid moments, the best thing to do is include games at your photo session. Kids are themselves when they’re having fun. It doesn’t have to be complicated or super involved either. The simplest games are the best when it comes to getting the kids into it. My go-to favorite games are peek-a-boo, telling jokes to make each other laugh, and pretending to fall asleep on mom or dad!

3. Incorporating something you enjoy doing/or incorporating something that is sentimental – I have found kids really get into what they’re into. To make a family photo session enjoyable for our littlest participants, I like getting their favorite stuffed animals or toys in the mix. Sometimes I pretend their stuffie is helping out with the photo session and kids love that!

I’d love to hear what you thought of these suggestions! Follow me on Instagram and let me know which one really stood out to you! @AmyNghe on Instagram – I’ll see you there!  

Oh, and if you’re a few steps ahead and ready to book a session…keep reading! I’m in Westchester County, NY and also photograph in New York City. I work with all variations of families, newborns, and soon to be parents for photo sessions that you can enjoy and love for years to come. More details about how we can work together are here.