7 Questions You Should Ask Your Family and Newborn Photographer Before You Book

Most people hire a professional photographer for their wedding and if you did, you might have interviewed a handful of photographers to see which would fit your style and budget. 

When hiring a family or newborn photographer, you should do the same! Here are some questions you should ask. 

(Photo by Photo with Yuko)

1. How long have they been a photographer and what is their experience level?

A very experienced photographer doesn’t necessarily mean they would be the best photographer for you but knowing a photographer’s experience level would help you get a feel for the variety of situations they may have photographed. If you have a toddler that is shy or rambunctious, it would be settling to know that your potential photographer has dealt with all different kinds of personalities and can work well with your family. 

2. What types of photography do they specialize in/enjoy most?

Booking the type of sessions that LIGHT your photographer up, are usually the ones that will yield the best result. You want to book a photographer who is passionate about your preferred type of session or specialty, and they aren’t just offering it because they feel they should, have to, or because it’s what makes them the most money.

3. Do they prefer indoor/in home or outdoor sessions?

Location is important for any type of photo session and making sure you’re on the same page about location and type of photo session from the beginning is so important. There are different factors at play for indoor/at home sessions and outdoor sessions and they can require different skill sets, equipment (flash, indoor lighting, or are they good with natural light?) and planning. If you find a photographer you really like and they mostly work in a studio, but you have your heart set on an outdoor session, they may not be the best fit.

4. How do they normally structure their sessions? (length, posed, natural/lifestyle, etc)

This help sets your expectations of what it would be like to work with them – will there be time for breaks if your family if your kids are not into it? Will the photographer provide guidance if you don’t know what to do? Will there be props? Finding these details out will help you determine how compatible you will be with the photographer. 

5. How does their pricing and billing structure work? (packages, prints, items, payment plans, etc)

Some photographers have different collections or packages you can choose from – and they include a mix of digital and print items. It’s best to know this upfront so you can decide if this is a good fit for your family. Some photographers have inclusive pricing meaning you get all the digitals for one price. Think about how you want to use the photos and this will help you determine which photographer is right for you. 

6. How does scheduling work with their sessions? Golden hour photography? Weekdays, weekends, evenings, etc.

Some photographers have set times they like to photograph at – whether that be golden hour only, sunrise or only on weekdays. Make sure your schedules are compatible and that you are getting the desired result. If they can only book late evenings but you know your family is more of a morning person then it may not work. 

7. What does gallery delivery look like?

Is there an average timeframe to edit their gallery? And does that include sneak peeks or highlights? And how do they deliver the gallery? This helps set the expectation for you AND them so you’re on the same page and understand their delivery process. If you need photos right away for an event or making photo gifts, it’s best to ask this upfront so you can see if it’s a possibility. 

You’ve been wanting to schedule a session for you and your family for so long, and I know these photography interview questions will help you feel more prepared and like an expert at booking your session (even if it’s your first time booking a family or newborn session). I have no doubt it will move things along for you!

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