Beyond the Newborn Session – Planning to Document Your First Year of Milestones

Scheduling newborn sessions for many is a clear decision. It is such a special time whether its your first or second child. You know the time is fleeting and something special worth documenting. Here’s something you may not know. That first year is equally worth documenting. And while your phone helps capture daily moments, the biggest problem is — you’re not in them.

Here are my favorite first year milestones:

3/4 Months (smiling/interacting/grabbing) – At this stage your baby is starting to show some personality! How exciting! They are learning so much each day and you can’t believe it. A photo session would allow you to be fully present to play with them – no need to document with a selfie.

6 months (sitting up/eating solids) – It’s such an achievement when your baby can sit up. You feel proud and they feel excited. A whole world of play and discovery is on the horizon. You might also start feeding solids at this time which in itself is hilarious and messy. Having this milestone documented would mean you don’t have to worry about missing any cute faces or smiles while playing or feeding them.

9/10 months (pulling up to stand/standing/cruising) – This phase is when you can start to see glimpses of a toddler. Your baby is really growing up fast and now you might have to start chasing them. But chasing them with a phone or camera in hand can be overwhelming especially if you don’t want to miss anything. Schedule a photo session at this stage so you don’t have to do both.

12/15 months (crawling/walking/babbling) – We have a walker! The saying that babies don’t keep has never been more true. The joy of seeing the world through their eyes and feet is an immeasurable one and something that you deserve to have documented – for not only you but your child as they grow up.

These are my favorite milestones but if you have others, I would love to hear about them! I am a Westchester NY/NYC photographer specializing in newborns and families and I offer a first year package to document all your baby’s milestones. Reach out to me today to start planning your sessions.