13 Reasons Why I am the Perfect New York Family Photographer for you

When it comes to hiring a family and newborn photographer, you need to consider more than just “what kind of camera gear do they have?” Arguably the person behind the camera is far more important. My advice is to always take a look at a photographer’s site and see if their work resonates with you. And beyond that, it’s always good to find out their personality to see if they would be a good fit.

Amy Nghe Photographing Families

Here are 13 reasons why I would be good for you!

  1. I bring years of experience working with children in various capacities, whether it’s teaching cooking classes to children or being a summer camp counselor, I have always enjoyed being around children and working closely with them.
  2. I see moments that you might not see because you are too close to the action. Being able to take a step back and witness your family unfold will allow me to show you the moments you are missing. I value the small details that go missed with an untrained eye – like little fingers grabbing your hand or the way your partner looks at you.
  3. New York is my childhood stomping grounds and I love going to old and new places for outdoor photo shoot locations, and I can be quite creative and keep your children and family in mind. 
  4. I am a mother of three and understand the intricacies of raising little children, and how quickly each milestone can come and go.
  5. I get that life can be busy so I will help make the photo process seamless by helping you choose your outfits, the location (if not an at-home session), and also coming up with innovative and fun ideas for the shoot.
  6. I will blend in with your children – quiet? I can sit still. Energy to burn? I will run around with them. Shooting with me will feel like hanging out with a close friend.
  7. I know how to judge the lighting in even the smallest places. This is not a skill all photographers have, and it comes with experience in shooting years of indoor and outdoor sessions. Trust me, I’ve been put to the test again and again. I bring all of this knowledge to each and every session. 
  8. Candid moments are my specialty! Don’t worry, I can help guide you so we can have these moments unfold organically. Nothing will feel posed or forced! 
  9. I have worked with almost all personalities and can roll with a grumpy toddler or even an unwilling partner! I have tricks up my sleeve, don’t fret! 
  10. Whatever you are envisioning for your family photo session, I can help you bring it to life.
  11. Hiring me will make getting the perfect family photos that showcase who each of you are…Your life is literally easier with me in it!  
  12. You will be in the frame instead of behind the camera, for once! Can you picture that?! 
  13. Because hiring me will guarantee that your memories will be documented, and allows you to sit back and enjoy the present moment with your family instead of being distracted by trying to capture it all on your phone or camera.
Mom and Dad reading a book to their newborn baby in NYC apartment

Are you ready for your next family photo session. Reach out to me today if you are looking for your next New York family photographer. I have a knack for being able to bring your vision to life through our session. Have an idea? I can’t wait to hear it! This is my bread and butta’! I honor what is most important to you and your family. Let’s connect!