7 Occasions to Gift Family Photos or Photography Sessions

It can be so hard to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, especially someone who already has everything they need. Save yourself hours of pinning and searching and give them the gift of a family photo session. A photo session is an experience they can cherish and walk away with wonderful and sentimental physical items such as prints or an album.

dad and mom holding newborn baby in living room couch in NYC apartment

Family photography sessions can actually be some of the most thoughtful gifts to give to someone you love. There are so many ways to incorporate memories and photography into a gift. Here are 7 ways you can gift family photography sessions to family in your life.

1. Baby Shower gift for maternity session – for the mother or parent to be in your life! Sometimes too many onesies is not a good thing. Instead of opting for newborn clothes, toys or books (things a baby can outgrow), consider giving a gift certificate for a maternity session. A photo session allows her to document this period of her life where her body is taking shape of the little one she’s been carefully growing. Her changing body, and this entry into motherhood is monumental.

2. Newborn Milestone sessions – for the busy parents. Every new (or not new!) parent would appreciate having the first year documented in photographs because their little one will change so quickly. Especially if this is their second or third child, they will so appreciate having photo sessions scheduled and they can relish the newborn and early stages even more.

3. Motherhood/Fatherhood session for Mother’s or Father’s Day Gifts – for anyone! There are so many ways to show appreciation for the mother or father in your life but my favorite way is with photos. I wrote an awesome post about why this is a gift that keeps giving for fathers (check it out here).

4. Travel Adventure Session (like NYC!) – Vacations are fun but most often there is one parent who’s always taking the photos or you kind of just forget to take photos at all! If you have planned a big trip for you and your family, consider hiring a professional photographer where you are traveling (or take a photographer with you) to capture those unforgettable moments forever. Bonus is that you will be in the photos!

5. Grandparents day (extended family session) – for grandparents on any occasion! As you become parents yourselves you realize how precious time is with your own parents. A great way to give back is to gift them a family photo session so they can have even more memories with their family and the photos to show it!

6. Birthday milestone session for your little one – for the birthday kiddo or family! Is it just me or are more party invites saying “no gifts please?” People are gravitating towards less “things” and more experiences. A photo session is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday without providing any clutter.

7. Holidays – for anyone! This time of giving is so much fun but it can also be filled with a lot of stress if you are hoping the to find a ‘perfect’ gift for a loved one. A photo session is a unique gift since it can be used for any occasion for those who receive it. There are so many small and big moments throughout a year that are worth documenting!

As we all realize, we cannot turn back time but we can preserve it. Photo sessions and photo gifts are the perfect way to relive those moments we wish we could get back.

I’m Amy! I’m a New York City and Westchester County Family Photographer and mom to three children. I love photographing beautiful images for maternity, newborn and family photo sessions. Follow me on Instagram @amynghe for more photography tips and inspiration. Or contact me here to learn more.